Thursday, June 29, 2017

Scosche MagicMount Pro Vent

It is never a good idea to use your phone, smart or otherwise, while driving. So, it is always a good thing to have your phone mounted. Aside from getting penalized, mounting your phone and using it hands-free can prevent you from being in an accident.

Enter the Scosche MagicMount Pro Vent.

As the name implies, you attach this mount via your AC vent (or in the Philippines, the "aircon" vent). Then, you attach your phone on the mount via a metal plate and some really strong magnets.

There are two metal plates that come in the box: a small one and a big one. Supposedly, the big one should be used for larger smartphones - the phablets ones - and the small plate for the moderately sized phones. But, to tell you the truth, even the small plate is good enough for my iPhone 6s+. The plates have adhesives on one side and what you can do, if you are brave enough, is to stick the plate to your phone directly. As I am not that brave - I saw some people on the internet having a really hard time removing the plate off of their phones - I leave the cover of the adhesive on and just let the plate sit under the iPhone case.

Actually, it's also a good idea to leave the adhesive cover on if you plan to move the plate from one phone to another.

Before I bought this mount, I was worried that the plate might demagnetize my cards, but, after doing a little investigation in stores, I found out that the plate themselves are not magnetized. (Yep, I looked ridiculous in the store when I got two boxes and tried to bring the plates from each box together.) So, yes, your cards are safe even if you bring your wallet next to the Scosche plate on your smartphone. But don't ever, ever bring your wallet next to the mount itself!

And yes, the plates are thin enough that you wouldn't notice it under your smartphone case.

The mount works as advertised. My phone does not fall inside the car and the phone is safely ensconced within reach - if needed. What's more, I can use my phone hands-free to answer calls, choose my music, and navigate around the congested Metro. You can even use the mount to park the business end of your charging cable - no more hunting inside your car for the cable when your phone is running out of juice - which is always!!!

And as an added bonus, you can even use the mount as a phone stand! As long as you don't bring the mount next to your cards or to your spinning 
hard drive! 

A few weeks back there had been a big brouhaha here in the Philippines when the government decided that people who mount their smartphone above the dashboard or on their windshield will be ticketed. (As far as I remember, in New Jersey, you can mount your smartphone above the dashboard but not on your windshield. The Philippine order would have been more strict if it was implemented. Which would have been ridiculous - just take a ride on a Philippine jeepney and you would know...) Good thing cooler, saner heads prevailed. But if the Philippine government decided to go that route again, at least I am already ready.

The Scosche MagicMount Pro Vent is Highly Recommended.

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