Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Apple Watch Buyers... Take Note...

So, I went to some Apple Authorized Resellers and Apple Premium Resellers in my neck of the woods looking for an Apple Watch Series 2.

Long story short, some sellers don’t know the difference between the Series 1 Apple Watches to the original Apple Watch.

The conversation goes like this:
  • Me: Do you have an Apple Watch Series 2? 
  • Seller: We only have the Series 1.
  • Me (looking at the box): This is the original Apple Watch.
  • Seller: Yes, that is the Series 1.
  • Me: No, the Series 1 is the original Apple Watch but has the newer processor.
  • Seller: No, the one with the newer processor is the Series 2.
  • Me (seeing the futility…): Ah… Do you have the Stainless Steel Series 2?
  • Seller: Yes. (Went to the back to get the box…) It only comes with the red sport band.
  • Me (confused): I didn’t know Apple offers this in the new Series 2 watches…
  • Seller: That’s the Series 1 Stainless Steel.
  • Me (again, seeing the futility…): Ah, I see. Do you have Nike+ Apple Watches?
  • Seller: Right now, we don’t have Series 2, we only have Series 1.
  • Me (out of my wits…): Ah, ok, I’ll wait for the Series 2…

And I don’t think this is exclusive to the Philippines…

My sister-in-law who lives and works in a different country asked about the stainless steel Apple Watch. She was shown the aluminum watch. The sis-in-law insisted that they are not the same, as is obvious in the photos. The seller said photos can be altered!!! What?!?

So, if you are gonna buy, first, only buy from authorized Apple re-sellers! Then, even if you do buy from an authorized re-seller, make sure you read the label on the box!!! Or else you might get something that you didn’t want to in the first place…

(Screen grab from 9to5mac.com)

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