Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Gear4 Bank iPhone 7 Case

So you just got your iPhone 7. The next thing you should do is get a case.

Yeah, I know, sad…

I would have wanted to use a case-less iPhone but the damn thing is so slippery on its own, so, as most of the iPhones I’ve owned this will also be in a case.

The iPhone 7 isn’t any different. I wanted to use it without a case, but, yeah, I don’t want my phone to suddenly slip from my hand and straight to the welcoming arms of the ground. I want something that should increase the grip-ability of my iPhone. And yes, having drop protection also wouldn’t be so bad.

So this time, I got a Gear4 Bank case. It’s nice-looking and has a 9-feet drop protection. The back is slippery, yes, but the bumper around the sides is grippy. :) The lightning port opening is wide enough even for third-party cables. The silence rocker is easily accessed also and the buttons are responsive even under the bumper.

The back is translucent and you can actually see the Apple logo at the back though you really have to squint real hard to see it.

The Gear4 is a nice case that is capable of protecting your phone.

Highly Recommended.

Photos shot with an iPhone 6+ using the iOS app Hipstamatic

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