Thursday, November 10, 2016

Regarding the iPhone 7+ Portrait Mode

So, a friend and I were having dinner and she said she would have gotten an iPhone 7+. However, when she tried to sample the “Portrait Mode” of the iPhone 7+ inside a store, she was greatly disappointed that there really isn’t much “effect”. So, she ended up buying a mirrorless camera instead…

Which, I believe, is still the best way to get those creamy bokeh…

But, I told her that the iPhone 7+ in the store might have an older OS version… If the phone came directly from the factory, then, I guessed, that phone might only have iOS 10 installed in it. If you want the bokeh effect on the iPhone 7+, the iOS version must be 10.1.

So, after knowing this, I asked the friend is she will still consider getting the iPhone 7+. And she said yes. Since she’s up for contract renewal anyway, then the phone will be free.

So, happy to help a friend. :)

I don’t have an iPhone 7+. But if you want to see how the portrait mode works, check out the video made by Macworld here:

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